Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多

Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多


Identification Technique Baked Clay 25 Buddha Sattawas Leela

Real Piece  Front side image face:
1. Curved line
2. By side viewing, a sharp straight edge seen at the upper ear
3. A straight line turned edge

 Real Piece Front side image body:
1.**** Steep edge like high wall and the "wall" base is SHARP and CLEAR. For the copied fake piece, the wall base is blurred and the amulet size is slightly shrunken.
2. Slight slope basin
3. An extra cloth line

 Real Piece Backside:
1. A circle marking caused by the mold itself.
2.**** Sharp & clear letter base for the genuine piece. For the fake piece by full imprint copying, the letter base would be blurred and the amulet size would be slightly shrunken.

There are various fakes:
1. by new carving mold, this kind of fake is easy to examine
2. by full imprint copying technique, this kind of fake looks like the real piece but:
a. the amulet size is slightly shrunken
b. the eyes, nose and mouth look blurred
c. the Buddha image's wall base all around is blurred
The real piece, the texture is densed, fine and strong. For fake piece, the texture looks rougher and not as strong as the real one.

 25 Buddha Sattawas Leela
Left: Lead/tin Right: Baked clay

 Medal with ribbon, gifts for committee who help work on 25 Buddha Sattawas celebration.
Monk bag and chanting fan for a Guru who was invited to join the great blessing ceremony.
Left: Original authentic box          Right: A sample of new box

Essential Information:25 Buddha Sattawas Leela
 On the celebration of 2500 years of Buddhism in B.E.2500, the Thai government by Prime Minister P. Phiboonsongkram ordered the creation of the 25 Buddha Sattawas Leela to raise fund for the construction of Buddha Mondhon (Buddha Precint/ BKK suburb). The amulet creation on that occasion has been recorded as the biggest ever in quantity and a country greatest blessing ceremony by 108 great Guru monks.
Chairman Of The Committe: Prime Minister P. Phiboonsongkram
President For The Working Committee: Pol Gen Pao Sriyanondha
Vice President For The Working Committee: Pol Maj Gen Nuang Akhubutra
Number of creation:
1. Baked clay : 2,421,250 pieces
2. Lead/Tin : 2,421,250 pieces
Grand Total: 4,842,500 pieces
Donation Rate for 1 & 2: 10 Baht per each
3. Gold: 15 pieces
4. Nak (Alloy of Gold + Copper): 30 pieces
5. Silver 300 pieces
Place of manufacture: Wat Suthat
Twice blessings: February 9, 10, 11 and May 2,3,4, B.E.2500 by 108 Guru monks at Wat Suthat
After blessing the baked clay and lead/tin amulets were sent to all district and provicial offices across the country as gifts for donors to help construct the Buddha Mondhon. Due to a very hugh number of creation, the amulets were unpopular among the people at that time. Many years passed by, only a little number of amulets were distributed. And the hugh number of the amulets of millions were later returned to Buddha Mondhon office.
The country BIGGEST ever and only ONCE manufactured amulets of 25 Buddha Sattawas Leelas of nearly 5 million pieces were just run out --no more left-- in these RECENT YEARS. The 25 Buddha Sattawas Leelas took very long time of 40 years to distribute until the last piece was sold out. Before the running out time, many collector investors donated for thousands of amulets each, all are unused with NO BOXES. Some collector investors have ordered new plastic boxes to contain them. A lot of amulets with new plastic boxes were laterly transacted for profit. This might cause a misunderstanding that they were remaking amulets.
Due to the old amulets running out from the market in these recent years, and due to the public revelation of a country biggest blessing ceremony that cause the 25 Buddha Sattawas Leelas gainning high popularity at present. The market price trend of the amulets are now gradually increasing. The FAKE MAKERS are now producing the FAKES especially the color pieces due to their high prices, The fake makers arrange the mold by copying from a beautiful piece with sophisticated equipment. Even some details are similar to the original authentic pieces but it is noticeable that the FAKE SIZE are shrunken and their letter grooves at the back is narrower and shallower.
Some BY-EAR COLLECTORS have clung to a rumor that there might be a remaking version.This rumor is entirely quite IMPOSSIBLE because the amulets were made ONCE in a very hugh number of nearly 5 millions pieces by the order of the government, and they just ran out in these RECENT years after a long marathon distributing for around 40 years. This means the 25 Buddha Sattawas Leelas were manufactured with OVER SUPPLY quantity. By common sense, no trickery merchants would invest in the over-supply MERCHANDISE. Moreover, the molds--the goverment properties-- were reportedly buried in Buddha Mondhon at the early stage of the construction many ten years ago. And I have never heard of such the remaking rumor in Thailand, but have seen many ghost-produced FAKES. And a lot of those FAKES have been exported to neighboring countries by the cooperation of the two-sided unscrupulous dealers. And possibly, SOME GUY who stands behind the dark curtain and PROCLAIMS none of interest involved might have shared secret benefit-- WHO KNOW??!!.
The 25 Buddha Sattawas Leelas are very good great, invaluable amulets because they were blessingly finished by the great 108 Gurus of around 45 years ago. Whoever would like to have one should purchase from the TRUSTABLE dealers only because there are so many FAKES spreading around in the amulet markets, otherwise you will get a FAKE. As mentioned above, the FAKES have same details as the real ones but the size is shrunken and the letter grooves on the back are narrower and shallower.

 Brick Color
 Cream Color
Pikul Color ( pale brown)
25 Buddha Sattawas Leela of Various Colors
Dimensions: 1.4 X 3.8 cm
Material: Baked clay
Colored Leela 25 Buddha Sattwas was accidentally occurred due to different heat areas in the furnace chamber. The black is the piece that received the top most heating and became the most strongest piece. If the temperature go far more than that, the amulet will be broken off with no cohesion in its mass anymore. The gray is second top most receiving the heat after the black one. They are very rare-to-find items but please realize that a lot fakes have been spreading over amulet markets.