Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多

Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多


Introducion to SacredNa

In order to Practise Buddha Magic using Sacred Na or Sacred Yant as a medium, one should first learn the basic foundation of the tradition and the practise methods before one begins.
There are several Elements of the practise that must be respected;One of the Most important Elements being the connecting of spirit and mind with the "Kroo Baa Ajarn" Or "Guru of the Teachings"If you don't have a Kroo Baa Ajarn the you could be in danger of either Madness or Posession (known as Khao Song)Khao Song is not the same as "Song Jao" *A Master of Buddha Magic can attain the state of Song Jao but should definitely not have to be subject to khao Song.
One must know the way to make offerings (known as "Tawaay Krueang Sawaey")to the Kroo Ruesii
One should have knowledge in the Art of writing Spells in the Khorm Language, and be able to meditate in the Vipassana method of stilling the mind.
One should know how to close the ceremony of Wai Kroo correctly, in order to avoid being pestered by ghosts and spirits from other dimensions.One should know the sacred Mantra; "Kataa Chinabanchorn" which was revealed to the world by Hlwong Por Thoe of Wat Rakang.
One should know the full series of Kataa necessary for making magic that is complete in it's execution method.
incomplete ceremonies can endanger one's mental balance, and lead to entropy of the magic power (known as "Khong Sueam" in Thai).
One should learn about the Pitii Rap Khant, and how to perform it.
One should recieve the laying on of the Ruesii Head (Por Gae Ruesii) to connect with the Guru teacher - this ceremony is called "Pitii Korb kroo"
I would like to dedicate this section (and in fact the whole website) to the Ajarn Urakintr Wiriyaboorana; Royal Assistant Master of ceremonies of the Brahmin section.
Ajarn Urakintr was the person responsible for for gathering together and composing
the kampir (pronounced "Kampee") Na Pitsadarn, Kampir 108 Yant Pitsadarn, and Kampir 108 Pitii Mongkol Thai (thai ceremonies of Blessing), which have become so psought after but hard to find in the present day.

Further dedications are necessary to Pra Ratchakruu Waamataepamunii (Head of the Brahmin Order in Thailand), for checking and correcting the information collected by Ajarn Urakintr and offering suggestions from the goodness of his heart, whilst asking for no reward or payment for his efforts.
All students of this Ancient craft and tradition should be forever grateful to this Master for providing us with this priceless fountain of knowledge that is in danger of extinction.

Duay Maetthaa; Spencer Littlewood.

Na Maetthaa - นะ เมตตา

"Na Maetthaa Moe Garuna Put Bpraanii Taa Yin Dee - Ya Aen Duu"


This is the Kata Hua Jai (Heart Mantra) used when making Na Maetthaa.

Chant the following Kata whilst inscribing the "Ma A U" agkara.

Ma Gaaroe Hoethi Sampawoe (for the Ma letter)

A Gaaroe Hoethi Sampawoe (for the A letter)

U Gaaroe Hoethi Sampawoe (for the U letter)

นะ เมตตา โมกรุณา พุทธปราณี ธายินดี ยะเอนดู

สูตรนี้ใช้เป็นคาถาท่องเวลาลงนะเมตตา ครับ

เมื่อลงอกขระ มะอะอุ จงท่องคาถาดังนี้ครับ

มะ กาโร โหติ สัมภะโว ลงตัวมะ

อะ กาโร โหติ สัมภะโว ลงตัวอะ

อุ กาโร โหติ สัมภะโว ลงตัวอุ

Whilst inscribing the Sickle Moon and the Unalome;

Ath-Tajantang Gaaroe Hoethi Sampawoe (for the Moon)

U Gaaroe Hoethi Sampawoe Unaloemaaa Pbana Chaayatae

A SANG WI SU LOE BU SA PU PA (for the Unalome)

อฑฒะจันทัง กาโร โหติ สัมภะโว ลงจันทร

อุ กาโร โหติ สัมภะโว อุณาโลมา ปะนะ ชายะเต อสังวิสุโลปุสะพุึภะ ลงอุณาโลม