Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多

Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多



Phra Soomgor
Gumpangpeth have many great amulets, Phra Kru types : Phra Gumpang Soomgor, Phra Gumpang Metkanoon, Phra Gumpangplujeen and Kru Toongsettee. In old time with tradition, Gumpangpeth people alway give amulets to each other, to person they're respect, to friends. King Rama 5th said "Gift from Gumpangpeth Province alway base on amulets". Gumpangpeth Province have an evidence in a stone inscription (Sirah Jarluek), History of this town said once Phrajao PhromAohroth Phrajao Pungkarath born at B.E.1464.

When he was 16 years old, he lead an army attack khom(cambudian) around Gumpangpeth area, There was a long battle and time pass by until his son (Phra Jaochaisiri) lost to khom's army. He had retreat to this area and builded up the town call Gumpangpeth (Diamond Walls). For Legend of Phra Soomgor amulets said "There a king named "Phra Yarsree Dhuma Sokarath" want to explan Buddha religion. He invite Phra Tath(Buddha's ash/bone) from Sri Lungga then build 84000 Jaydee to keep. In that ceremony, the hermits made amulets for gift to the King.

These amulets were also keep in Jaydee since then. The reason Phra Soomgor amulets were found is when Somdej To (Wat Rakhang) visited his relative in Gumpangpeth province, he had readed a stone inscription in the temple said that there are Jaydee have been builded by Phra Yarsree Dhuma Sokarath with amulets keeped inside. People once started searh and these amulets were founded.

Legend said that in Pitsanulok, Gumpangpeth, Pichaisongkram, Pijit, Suparn. There were 11 Hermits(rorsee) and were 3 Hermits leading them. Rorsee Pilathai, Rorsee Tarfai, Rorsee Tarngua. One day all hermit have planing to make a gift to Phra YarsreeDhumaSokarath. 3 Hermits said that we will need 1000 of flower, Many herb with power, Once they have gathered all the ingredient. They have asked spirit to mix them together with spell, then mix again with Water spell (Nummon=Chanted water). Once the amulets complete, hermits said that "when you need its power. Pray then think of these hermits and the power of amulets will help you. Even how danger there is, put the amulets on your head all danger will dissapear. If in war, then use amulets to mix with "flower oil" put on the head then play "It Thi Pi So Pa Gu Ra Thi" 3,7 times, any swords,spears will not cut through your skin. Want to nagotiate with people among will respect you, mix these amulets with honey 7 times. Want a good business then pray with "Par Hoong" mantra then say "It Thi Pi So Pa Gu Ra Thi" 7 times. In present Phra Soomgor amulets are one famous of old Phra Kru types, to bring wealth/healthy and protect fortune. PhraSoomgor is the top 5 most famous and powerful amulets from Thailand. The amulets bless strong protection and wealth fortune.

The great finding of Buddha amulets of Gumpangpeth province, or the so called the "Millionaires Field" (Toong setthi) tappered when the reverand Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh Promarangsri of Wat Rakhang went up to isit his relatives in Gumpangpeth in B.E.2392 (1849 A.D.) and he has read the stone inscription, the 3rd pillar, and knew that in Gumpangpeth there was an ancient site and a big pagoda up north of Nakhon Choom City these were the finalings of Wat Boromathat (The temple of a big pagoda), and the 3 Jaydees and also the Buddha amuelts of the Gumpangpeth family with the Buddhistic art as the uniqueness of their own.

In the reign of Phra Maha Dhumaracha Lithai, the being of Sukhonthai dynasty, in which period the Buddhistic architecture was very glow field, the being has established Wat PhraSrirattana Mahatarth and planted the Bodhi tree on Friday, the 5ty days of the Waxing moon, the 8th lunar month, the year of the cock, B.E.1900 (1357 A.D.) at Nakhonchoom city, Also at this place, when they reconstructed the Jaydee (Phra Sriratana Mahatarth Jeydee) they also found the text on building the buddha amulets at that time.

The sumguit inscription of Nakhonchoom city said the city of abundant Budha amulets which incent the city of Buddha amulets collection. Accordingly, when the Jaydee of Wat Boromathat in which inscription was found was demolished. A huge number of amulets was found there.

This was the source of amulets family from the millionair field, famous up to the present time. Phra Gumpang of the millionaire field the owner of saying "If you have me, you will never get poor", are the superb Buddha amulets that people admires, including Phra Soomgor. in addition to the marvelousely beautiful art, the eart exture of Phra Soomgor is second to none. The amulet is the texture of sared flower petals, and specially soft. THere are 5 print altogether. The important and most famous kru (pits under the pagoda) is Mahatarth from Wat Boromathat, Kru Jeydee Klangthung, Kru WatPikhun, Kru WatSunkaw, Kru Bansetthi, Kru Ruesi, Kru WatNoi, Kru Hauyang, KruKhlongPhrai etc.

Phra Phongsuparn
In Supamussado 1265 there was 4 Rorsee and Phra Rorsee Pimpilarthai was a leader. Phra Rorsee plan to make an powerful bless/chant things to give to the King (Phraya Sridhumasokarath). Said that he use verious mineral mix with herb and medicine called "sunkavanorn" then create them into molds, then bless/chant for 3 months. Rorsee keep these amulets at Puntoom province and later on was found by thai people.Later on this molds and amulets called Phra Phongsuparn, they have red and black skin. Phra Phongsuparn have to look like Phra Nangphya, what different is the flame of Phra Nangphya are wider and the top is sharper. Phra Phongsuparn have 3 molds.

1. Phra Phongsuparn Nargae (old face) this use for the pim that have the face look old like old people.

2. Phra Phongsuparn Narnoom (young face)

3. Phra Phongsuparn Narnang (woman face).

In history said that rorsee were keep this amulets in Puntoom province or Suparnburi in other name. In B.E.1350 Queen of this city gived birth, was a boy (his name is Phraya Parn). All oracles said the same that "When he grow up, he will have very strong good karma, anyplace he go he would win the wars. But he will kill his father oneday" Since the King heard this, he talked to his wife the Queen, and said to drop him out somewhere. Even how much the Queen love her son, she can't say no to the King. The boy was put in the boat to let go on the flow of river alone.

With coincidence or faith, he was pick up by an old lady called "horm" She raising him for a while then give him to the King of Rarthchaburi (Phraya Rarthchaburi). Phraya Parn once grow up, he have very strong sense of warrior and very clever in war stragy. One day Phraya Gong(his real father) ask King of Rarthchaburi for a supplies. Phraya Parn tell his father not to send them over, and went out to war with Phraya Gong. Phraya Parn cut his head with long sword as they both riding elephant. Phraya Gong's army was scattered, then Phraya Parn move into the city of Suparnburi.

Once he met the Queen there, the truth had reveal. That he have met his own mother and he was killed his own father. Then he ordered the soldier to kill the old lady "horm" who picked him up from river when he was young, but kept this story a secret from him. Once the old lady died, he think about the old time when she was raising him, make him feel very much bad karma he have done. To pay back his sin, the builded the Jaydee in B.E.1420, and rule Suparnburi province until B.E.1459.

Phra Phongsuparn said that the bless/chant from rorsee, to chant this amulets with katha 'pa hung' 13 times, katha 'hor la khun' 13 times, phra buddhakhun 13 times. Think of the rorsee who made this amulets then chant "Katay sikkay ga ra nung ma ha chaiyungmungka sunk na ma pa ta" then said "Girimiti gurumutu geremete garamata phrasid lae" To Bring all good karma within your close fortune, to bring welth and protect any danger that will coming.

Phra Phongsuparn is the top 5 famous amulets of Thailand, the amulet bless protection with strong health fortune.

The great Buddha amulet from Suparn Buri Province, famous and popular among all admirers who have ben wanting to process from the past to the present are "Phra Phongsuparn" Kru Wat Phra Srirattanamahatarth Suprnburi. The amulet were founded by a chinese upland farmer living in the area, stealing to open up the kru (pit under the pagoda) around B.E.2456. Later on the governor of the city named Phraya Sunthong Buri(Ie Kannasut) gave his order to open up the pit officially in order to present the smugglers take so again. Such opening up the pit made them find a lot of Buddha amulets and ancient objects.

Through finding this kru of Phra Phongsuparn they fond many golden and silver leaf plates with the inscriptions, and could be translated briefly that Wat Phra Srirattana Mahatarth and Phra Prang (Pagoda Jeydee) including all Buddha amulets werer build by King Phra Broromrachathirarth the 2nd (Chao Sarm PHraya) around B.E.1967-1991 with Phra Mahathera Piya Thassi Saribut as the Chair man of the monks, and the hermits of about 500years old they are the Buddha amulet of the earth texture mixed with flower petals and tubers of various herbs, in 4 colours namely, red, yellow, green and black. They can be classified into 3 mould type.

Pim Nargae, Pim Nargarnd, Pim Narnoom which mean Old,Middle,Young face mold types. Phra Phongsuparn amulet are the superb Buddha amulets of "U-Thong" art, in which all mighty power were combined, and deserved to be one of the GrandFive set of Benjapakee the most famous and powerful amulets of Thailand forever.

Phra Rod

"Phra Sukaputtapatima" is Amulets which made by Hermit. Ex. Phra Perm, Phra Bang, Phra Khong, Phra Liang and Phra Rod. These amulets made since B.E.1223 founded in Lumpoon province. The legend said that this land owned by "Mengkabutt", a tribe of cambudian. Once Prince Sintatta (Lord Buddha) have travel though this land at Ghontararm and Charorarm villages which locate sounth of Trakarnmeng town.

Lord Buddha said "In future, part of "Phra Baromsareerikatarth"(Lord Buddha ash/bone)will be here and King Arthitrarthjao will keep safe in the pagoda. In B.E.1008 there are 5 hermits, they use to lived in monk hood. They exited the hood and study meditate until success Arpinya 5th Samabut 8 ( Yarn=Class of meditation )and were travel around all over thailand.

1. Phra Vasuthep

2.Phra Sukkatunta

3. Pumarnsree

4. Puttachadin

5. Phra Suddchanarai.

Once Phranang Jarmatavee builded 4 temples are

1:Wat Dongaw on east side, later called Wat Chetawan (famous temple) In B.E.2484-5 people have found Phra Perm, Phra Bang, Phra Khong, Phra Liang etc accept Phra Rod.

2: Wat PhraKhong on north side, later called Wat PhraKhongrorsee. Said that 4 hermit have plan on building Haripoonchai city here at this temple, people have added the word "rorsee" to temple name (rorsee=hermit).

3:Wat Mahawan on west side, this is the temple which found Phra Rod amulets.

4:Wat Phratoolee on sounth side, use for escape route purpose in war time as "Phratoolee" mean door for retreat. These 4 temple have all of Lumpoon province amulets and have been found at later time. From this information. 4 hermits have keep their amulets in Wat Dongaw, Wat PhraKhong, Wat Mahawan, Wat Phratoolee. These amulets are beautiful with art of Haripoonchai/Lumpoon province.

History say that once Sutavarorsee(Phra Vasuthep)hermit invite Phra Sukkatunta to diccuss about area to build city(Lumpoon). Once the city was builded, Sutavarorsee invite Phranang Jarmatavee to the throne of this city. This lady is a child of Rich family from Nongdoo village Lumpoon province. With her birth time/star prove that she have great karma and will be well known to everyone, she will help risen the level of Buddha religion in thailand. Her family rule this city until B.E.1330 was loss to Ramun Dynasty.

Then again in B.E.1824 by King Mengrai 1st, city was destroy. Later time the city was rebuild by King Mengrai 11th. As Nakhonphing (In present call "Chiangmai") loss to Burma, also Lumpoon as well. Until Lanna era, King Thonburee. Lumpoon province back to part of thailand. Lumpoon province are one of old place in Thailand which builded more than 1300 years, people have found many antique thing and many amulets. "Phra Rod" this name came from "Narata Rorsee" or "Rorsee Narata" this hermit name was "Narata" change to "NaRod" in later time. Once people found this amulets at Wat Mahawan, they start to call "Phra Rod".

Legend said that Phra Sukkatunta and Sutavarorsee have meeting with 108 hermits in ceremony to create Lumpoon's amulets by bring 4 clay from different land, 1000 medicines, 1000 herbs, many flowers. All mixed then put in molds, then chant with spell by 108 hermits. These amulets were given among thailand soldiers and people. Phra Rod are smooth clay have white, red, green, brown colours. From Wat Mahawan, sure not exceed 1500 amulets. There are 5 pim(mold type) Pim Yai, Pim Grang, Pim Lek, Pim Tearn, Pim Tor. PhraRod is one of most famous 5 amulets from Thailand. The amulets bless strong protection, bullet proof and the oldest amulets in the set of Benjapakee.

Name of the amulet admirers world not know the important Buddha amulets of Lampoon, or the former Haripoonchai, in which there are many categorizes. One of them that has ben important and popular among the admirers, as included in the "Five Grand" set of Benjapakee. The Buddha amulets of Lampoon as wentiale is PhraRod it is one of the best and dearly in need by many Budha amulet admirers.

Phra Rod of Kru Wat Mahawan Lampon is the Buddha maulet with the mixed material of earth and tuberous plants. They are delicate little ones with straight and power, made by the craftman of haripoonchai in the art style of early Lopburi period. Beating particularly unique beauty of their own. All Buddha amulet admirers have accepted that they have superb Buddhistic power, especially in protection and being safe from all dangers and disasters, So "called" The Buddha amulet being safe from all danger (PhraRod Yard Nirandtarai) An addition, they still have Buddhistic power in good fortune and Charming second to name of being safe from all danger and disasters. PhraRod WatMahawan is one of the FiveGrand set with PhraSomdej Wat Rakhang as the head, and with other 3 Buddha amulets, namely. Phra Gumpangpeth Soomgor, PhraPhongsuparn, PhraNangphya Phitsanulok. The PhraRod Wat Mahawan are 5 printed in all namely Big Mould, Medium, Small, Tow and Tuen mould.

Phra Nangphya

In History of this amulets "Phra Nangphya" are started from Wat Nangphya "Pitsanulok Province" which is the place these amulets were keep underground in many old pagodas. Phra Nangphya have an image of Buddha while sitting meditation parng chana-marn mean vitorious from all evils and image when LordBuddha have enlightened, no base line, no frame like other amulets. There are no 100% information for who build Wat Nangphya temple, this is around B.E.1900 base on art evidence and history. Pitsanulok is a town locate in east side around Wat Juramanee ( Build by Khom ). ( Khom = Cambodian ).

This town use to be sounth town front line for war in Sukothai era. Until Ayuttaya era, Pitsanulok change to north town front line in battle with Burma and Chiangmai. That time was Kingdom of Phra Mahadhumaracha

2nd ( Phraya Lerthai ), Phra Mahadhumaracha

3rd ( PhraMahadhumaracha Pitsanulok ), Phra Mahadhumaracha

4th ( Phraya Barnmueng ).

Wat Nangphya are one of an old temple from Pitsanulok since Sukothai era build by Phra MahadhummarachaTirath ( Khun Pirentorntep ), In B.E.2106 there was a war. Burma troops had surround Pitsanurok, in this time and reason Phra Nangphya were create to give to all navy soldier. In B.E.2112 Ayuttaya lost to Burma, Phra Nangphya amulets were give among all people and troops for motivation to gain freedom back from Burma. Same with other temples Wat Rathchaburana, Wat Cheepakao, Wat Poh, Wat Sateer, Wat Suthsawad, Wat Rathchakruth etc. These temple made all Phra Nangphya Pim(mold type) amulets. Phra Nangphya amulets made into different skin type : Din Pao (Burn Clay), Phong Bailarn ( Ash from Leaf ), Phong Hin ( Ash from Rock ). There are 8 Pim (mold) of Nang Phya Pitsanurok : Pim Yai Kaokhong, Pim Yai Kaothrong, Pim Sukathi, Pim Aokfab, Pim Aokthung, Pim Aoknoon,

Pim Khanaonsukothai and Pim Khanonayuttaya. In B.E.2444 King Rama 5th Phrabath somdej Phrajulajomgaojaoyuhua visited Wat Nangphya, and people were prepare the ceremony there at the temple. Once the villager digging ground to build a base, they found many of Phra Nangphya amulets hidden there. An abbot of Wat Nangphya have gather all of them and give to King Rama 5th. Our King then give Phra Nangphya amulets to assisstant, followers, and everyone who serve the King. There are some Our King bring back to bangkok and keep them in Wat Intraviharn temple.

Phra Nangphya are famous in bulletproof, wealth and good fortune. PhraNangphya become one of the most famous amulets in Thailand in the set of Benjapakee, the amulets are old and beautiful with an art of Pitsanulok. PhraNangphya bless as second amulets from PhraSomdej Rakhang to bring strong charm with attractiveness and respectful from all others.

The "Nangphya" Buddha amulets are most popular and accepted as one in the "Grand Five" set of Benjapakee the most popular amulets in Thailand. The people have been seeking them for such a long time, because of the highly Buddhhistica quality. Wat Nangphya was situated next to Wat Ratchaburana, Phitsanulok. Wat Ratchaburana was built by King Maha Thammaracha of Sri Ayutaya Capital. During his rule of Phitsanulok, while "Wat Nangphya" was built by "Phra Wisut Kasattri", his wife around B.E.2095-2100 (1552-1557A.D.) Both wats originally were on the same piece of head. Laster the road built running through it at the middle and separated the wats(temples) from each other.

The Pagoda was destroyed and cleaned, and the Buddha amulets in a triangular shape were found. The Buddha amulets circle called them "Phra Nangphya" and it is believable that "Phra Wisut Kasattri" has built these "Phra Nangphya" amulets had build them in the pit under the Jaydee(pagoda). "Phra Nangphya" are one of the Buddha amulets built during the end of Sukhothai era, around 550 year the Kru was opened up from Wat Nangphya, Phitsanulok province, around B.E.2442-2444 for the first time. Last time they found again in B.E.2487. There are the Buddha amulets of earth material mixed with flower patals, gravels and sand. The texture is rather coarse, but there are form with texture and with little gravels and sand. There are in 4 colours, yelow, red, green and black. THe prints can be calsified in to 6 print. In addition to being the Nangphya family, famous for Buddhistic power on Charming and being safe from al dangers, the Nangphya Buddha amulets is one excellent not being killed by any weapons.

Phra Somdej WatRakhang

Phra Somdej Watrakhang amulets created in an image of Lord Buddha meditate by Somdej Puttajarn Toh from WatRakhang Kositararm. The amulets are the most powerful chanted of all. Somdej Toh have been studied from many great guru monks in the past. Many thing he have learned and one of them is how to create "Itti Vattu" ( Powerful bless/chant things ) are the amulets.

By chanting Buddha Katha Mantra, Spells , Write on with Number of Yans include the power of meditate. The right way of consecrate which made the amulets have power of protection against evils/darkness or negative energy. This is how Somdej Toh made these amulets, first is to write with Yans number then chanted with spells and then the last is to do meditate ( Chant with spell while meditate ).( The amulets that chant by Yarn of Meditate will very hard to loose the power ). The reason Somdej Toh made these amulets in the purpose to explan the Dharma of Buddha, to bless every life in this world for good karma.

Those who have these amulets for respect/pray are very well bless because Somdej Toh didn't create them to feed his life. In short time Phra Somdej amulets become very famous more than any other thailand amulets. The "First Phra Somdej" created when Somdej Toh visited Phratabong Province of Cambudia, there are one supremacy of Cambudia who have well respect to Somdej Toh. He asked him to create one amulets for his protection from any danger and for pray, also to remind him of Somdej Toh. Once Somdej Toh is back to Wat Rakhang, he started to make Phra Somdej amulets in B.E.2409. Somdej Toh design to made Phra Somdej amulets with an amount of 84,000 amulets. Materials for making Phra somdejs comprise : Shell lime , Phong Vises (holy powder, ittijay, eaynisinghay), assorted flowers from shine, rice remains after his consumption, lotus, ashes from incense urns, honey, tang oil, etc. the surface skin of the amulets were shattered, then Somdej Toh use mixed with banana. Then mixed with tang oil by advise from Luang Vijarnjearanai the palace gold smith of King Rama 4th make the skin look perfect. The later batch are all mixed with tang oil alway.

The very first molds are made from his cousin "Teath" and villager from Barn Changlor, thus the molds not beautiful and not satisfy by Luang Vijarnjearanai. He create the molds for Somdej Toh in later times. The first batch of Phra Somdej are not beautiful and most are broken or surface skin shatter, also very rare in present. For the molds which made by Luang Vijarnjearanai are Pim Phrapatarn (Pim Yai), Pim Jaydee, Pim Tarnsam, Pim Katebuatoom, Pim Prokboh, Pim Sunkathi, Pim Sendai, Pim Tarnkoo and Somdej To his own mold called Pim Auckruit. These are original Phra Somdej.

( Pim = Type ) The later pim come out in different time and people give them different name like Pim Kaizer ( When King Rama5th visit King Kaizer of Germany ) , Pim Guanyu ( Red skin somdej which give only to military and warfield soldiers, thai soldiers those visit china ), Pim Jawragar ( The black skin somdej which very famous with all 5 set Black Benjapakee these include another 4 amulets ) Jawragar = Black.

For Phra Somdej amulets the most famous bless/chant way is his holy powders (Phong viset) which still can't find any even or above his level, and still at present many amulets create alway include this ingredients. Phra Somdej that the power alway stay strong, the chanter need to success "Vicha Mayarith" and "Samathi Pararith" knowledge use the power of meditate to chant Yans number to alive. These way make genuine "Phra Somdej". PhraSomdej created by Somdej Toh Promarangsri is the most famous and the best amulets from Thailand, the amulet bless strong protection and great fortune to the wearer.

The best and most famous pieced of the printed Buddha amulet in Thailand. This Buddha amulet, build by Reverand Somdej Phra Puttajarn "Toh Promarangsri", a abbot of Wat Rakhang Kositararm, from sacred Objects. The main off Objct was shell lime mixed with worl and others into powder, added with other powder made from fragrant petrols of flowers, oils and sacred water; Altogether bcome the printed Buddha amulets around B.E.2406 to 2415 (1863-1872A.D.) These were called "Somdej Wat Rakhang", famous through out the country. The Reverand Somdej Phra Puttajarn "Toh Promarangsri" was on of the top masters of Bangkok period. He finished the "Sarata Solot" subject, in which only few in Thailand could do. It is Buddha amulets built and made sacred, ther fine, showed various super natural powers.

The budha grace was so superb that they were popular among general public. The Buddha amulets were ecognized from 3 temples (Wat), namely, Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang Khositararm, Wat Mai Ammarot Barngkhunphrom, and Wat Katechaiyo. Phra Somdej is upgraded as the "Emperor" of all Buddha amulets, in which the master of Buddha amulets in Thailand, "Tri Yumpawai" classified as the first of the "Grand Five"(Benjapakee) Buddha amulets in Thailand.

The other amulet was from the Kru (pits under pagodas) of 4 cities; namely, PhraRod Mahawan Lumpoon, PhraNangphya Phitsanulok, PhraKampangpeth Soomgor, PhraPhongsuparn Suparnburi. PhraSomdej Wat Rakhang of standard print shapes, recognized by people include 5 master prints namely big Print shape PimYai, PimJaydee, PimTarnsam, PimKatebuatoom, PimProkboh.