Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多

Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多



Wat Bang Koe Nom, or maybe better known as Wat Hlwong Por Phaan, is one of the Temples known for it's lineage of great "Kroo Gaeji Ajarn" (Master monks with supernatural powers).Starting from the time that the extremely revered Master; Hlwong Por Phaan was Abbot.(Over the months i shall be documenting this Master's amazing Life story and his Magical trajectory on this page, so keep checking back to see the updated developments on this page).

Hlwong Por Phaan was reknowned for his specialization in the subject of Buddha Magic and buddhist medicinal healing methods. He was also famous for finding the Mantra in the Budhist year 2458 whilst making a pilgrimage to Suphanburi province. Famous for his discovery of the Sacred ] Diamond Armour Yant - "Yant Grao Paetch"! Without Yant Grao Paetch it would be impossible for many other Yant to exist, due to the fact that many other Yant contain the same Kata (Mantra) construction within their structure.

Hlwong Por Phaan found this great Mantra as he was meditating and a Yaan (or Yana in Pali Panskrit), meaning supernatural sense,occured in his meditation.It told him that there was a special magical tray hidden within the main Chedi of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Maha Taath, Suphanburi province, waiting for him to discover. Not long after that he reached the Chedi and found a ancient silver tray engraved with the Kata of Yant Graopaetch. The tray had a message explaining that the person who found it shall be a great Master, and that Heaven had defined who should find it. The plate also describes that one who recites this Mantra everyday shall have his body covered with Diamond armour and will be sprotected from all dangers, he shall never be destroyed by his enemies. In addition, the enemy will be destroyed through a strange phenomenon because of the reflective result from the magic Diamond Armour !

In any year that had the auspicious Sao Ha day (Saturday, the fifth day of the waxing moon period, lunar month), Luang Phor Parn would perform a very special Ceremony, consecrating and embedding Yant Graopaetch into his thousands disciples gathering in Wat Bang Nom Kho temple. Luang Phor Parn would write the Mantra on a blackboard and tell everybody to choose one letter of the script NA-MO-PUT-TAA-YA (five Buddhas' names). Then he would stand behind the blackboard and recite a Mantra to push the script flashing on all disciples. If a recipient really had a good meditative skills, a letter he chose will embed on his skull for life long. Amazingly, it always occurs when a recipient died and was brought to cremate, the script clearly appears on the forehead skull remnant. Kata Yant Graopaetch requires daily recitation. If this is performed, you will be well-protected; all dangers even deadly ones will never be able to harm you. The Current Abbot (and Ubachaya - meaning that he is empowered to ordain others into monkdom) of the Temple is called Phra Kroo Suwatjirayaaporn, or Hlwong Por Yong for short.I was lucky enough to recieve the opportunity to visit him in his Guthi (Guthi is the name for the room/hut where a monk resides), as Mr. Geoffrey and friend from Vietnam comissioned me as their guide and translator.

Hlwong Por Yong is an extremely good hearted monk, known for his compassion and expertise in the subject of Vipassana Meditation.As i visited his Guthi i was impressed and pleased to see that he had no mod-cons and lives simply - his presence radiates a sense of peace and "Maettha" (Compassion) to other beings. We recieved blessings from him and i spoke to him about my future Ordination as a Buddhist monk asking if ihe would consider giving me the honour to go and study Gammatan vipassana khom sanskrit and Buddha Magic under his supervision. I can't reveal all that was discussed but i shall update you all to any developments as time passes.

It is almost impossible for a westerner to be ordained directly in a Temple that is 100% Thai..normally the only way is to be ordained at a Westerner founded Temple where only westerners are practising, and move to a Thai Temple after some years. I have petitioned many monks at many Temples already, to no avail..refusal is the norm. Hlwong Por Yong was very receptive and seemed to think that a foreign buddhist trained in 7 languages, able to speak thai and having basic Pali sanskrit skills plus knowledge of Buddhist Magic might have something positive to offer for the spreading of Thai Buddhist Faith. I also think that if i can learn to behave as a Monk should behave and practise the methods required, then my human abilities with languages may be put to a positive cause (spreading the dharma). This warmed my heart extremely, after being refused at so many Temples, and caused a deep faith, respect and spiritual devotion for this extremely humble, powerful and compassionate Master Gaeji Ajarn.