Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多

Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多



For those who have passion in thailand amulets, you may heard the word "Benjapakee" often. The meaning of benjapakee in thailand amulets is "set of 5 important amulets"

Benja = 5

Pakee = Member

Benjapakee amulets are :

1. Phra Somdej WatRakhang ( To Phromarangsri ) King of Amulet.

2. Phra Rod ( Tavee hang Niruntarai )

3. Phra NangPhya ( Queen of Amulet )

4. Phra PhongSuparn ( Garnjanagorn of Amulet )

5. Phra Soomgor ( Mahattanagorn of Amulet )

To wear benjapakee.

In an old time, the right way to put benjapakee in the right place are :

Phra Somdej in the center.

Phra Rod (top left) and Phra Nang Phya (top right)

Phra Phong Suparn (buttom left) and Phra Soomgor (buttom right)

Also person can wear 3 amulets called "Tripakee" : Phra Somdej at Center, Phra Rod (left) and Phra NangPhya (right)

Benjapakee is the most wanted amulets for collectors with the best art , story , legend, bless/chant and the purpose. thai people usually wear or keep safe in Dhumma room(room for study/pray for buddha). For real believer that pray, Benjapakee give them very good luck/fortune, protect from danger or even have better success in business or any good purpose. this's all to beleive in Lord Buddha, also study and live in the way of Dharma for that is buddhism. May God of Buddha bless you.

The only reason in an old time that Benjapakee change hand (owners) is an estate. In Present there much more information and story for knowledge (like you read this). Which bring up many people that have the same passion for thailand amulets from internet , market , or individual etc to collect benjapakee. Even exchange with high values, nowaday as time pass the values of benjapakee keep rising as i can see that real benjapakee are reducing by individual collectors and fake benjapakee are increasing. why? i don't think i have to explain this.

In the market you can see many sellers post there amulets and say this is real, but how can you know ? if the person which made an amulets already passed away. yes you can study theory that written by somebody on how to authenticate, what is an ingredient or how to verify the spot. and to ask your belief how much worth amulets will help you, that it.the best question is that the amulets you wear really help you, have you experience from them? is amulet have been chant/bless by well monk? is amulet have power? or just new handmade by some amulet seller that study the ingredient and how to made? For that reason you'll have to study Dharma and know from your own. as buddha said (patjattung) meaning seeing is beliving that the way of Dharma. not just some teaching book for read and you become one of their believer.. Buddha bless you to see on your own and one day i wish everyone can feel the power of the amulets and Dharma, how much thing exist that all seeking to know.May God Bless You All.