Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多

Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多



One of a Few Greatest Mantras

There are hundreds of stanzas of Thai Mantras, but one among a few greatest is I-TI-PI-SO TON HONG or the first stanza of a Mantra specifically prasing for the Lord Buddha. How great is this Maha Mantra? It's very effective for self-protection from all formidable dangers. Even a near-to-die one who has a reminiscence on the Mantra will never go to abyss hell but a good place after his death.

The more amazing is that there is a top most Mantra emerged from the vertical reading of I-TI-PI-SO TON HONG (Please see the tabular cells diagram). The great Mantra is called " Yan Kro Petch" or the Mantra of Diamond Shield. Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bang Nom Kho, Ayuthaya province, found the Mantra in B.E. 2458 while he was making a pilgrimage to Suphanburi province.

Shortly before he found this great Mantra, he was meditating and a Yana (supernatural sense)had emerged from his mind that there was a very important plate buried in the main stupa of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Maha Dhat, Suphanburi province, waiting for him to get. Not long after that he reached the stupa and found an ancient silver plate inscribed the Mantra text of Yan Kropetch. The plate describes that one who found this Mantra is so great because it's the heaven wish to specify the great one to get it. The plate also describes that one who recites this Mantra everyday his body will be covered with Diamond Shield and safe from all dangers, he will never be destroyed by the enemy. Moreover, the enemy will be destroyed by some strange phenomena because of the reflective result from the magic Diamond Shield !!

In any year that had the auspicious Sao Ha day (Saturday, the fifth day of waxing moon period, lunar month), Luang Phor Parn would perform a very special ritual, consecrating and embedding Yan Kropetch into his thousands disciples gathering in Wat Bang Nom Kho temple. Luang Phor Parn would write the Mantra on a blackboard and tell everybody to choose one letter of the script NA-MO-BUDH-DHA-YA (five Buddhas' names). Then he would stand behind the blackboard and recite a Mantra to push the script flashing on all disciples. If a recipient really has a good meditative property, a letter he chose will embed on his skull for life long. Amazingly, it always occurs when a recipient died and was brought to cremate, the script clearly appears on the forehead skull remnant.

This is one of a few greatest Mantras that deserves daily recitation. If this's done, you will be well-protected; all dangers even deadly ones will never come closer to you.


I Ti Pi So Bha Kha Wa A

Ra Hang Sam Ma Sam Budh Dho Wish

Sha Ja Ra Na Sam Pan No Su

Kha To Lo Ga Wi Dhu A Nut

Ta Lo Pu Ris Sa Dham Ma Sa

Ra Dhi Sat Dha Dhe Wa Ma Nus

Sa Nang Budh Dho Bha Kha Wa Ti


I Ti Pi So Bha Kha Wa

A Ra Hang Sam Ma Sam Budh Dho

Wish Sha Ja Ra Na Sam Pan No

Su Kha To Lo Ka Wi Dhu A Nut Ta Lo

Pu Ris Sa Dham Ma Sa Ra Dhi

Sat Dha De Wa Ma Nus Sa Nang

Budh Dho Bha Kha Wa Ti


Lord Buddha is the Holy One, the Enlightened One, the Perfect One of all knowledges and conduct, the Well-Gone, the World Enlightener, the incomparable Supreme Teacher of gods and humans, and the Awakened and Blessed One.


I Ra Sha Kha Ta Ra Sa

Ti Hang Ja To Lo Dhi Nang

Pi Sam Ra Lo Pu Sat Budh

So Ma Na Ka Ris Dha Dho

Bha Sam Sam Wi Sa Dhe Bha

Kha Budh Pan Dhu Dham Wa Kha

Wa Dho No A Ma Ma Wa

A Wish Su Nus Sa Nut Ti  X9