Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多

Somdej Pra Bhuddhachara Toh Prohmarangsri 圣僧 阿占多


Katha Greatest for Wealth and Fortune

This Katha is beyond any law of physics and any words to explain. The only words I can say-- practice it and prove it by yourself--nothing loss, you pay no even one cent.

The Katha named Phra PajjekkaBodhi Prod Satwa. It's a greatest Katha for drawing wealth and fortune to practicers. While LP Parn was still alive, he respected this Katha very much. When he walks in or out of his Kuti (monk house) he will raise his hands up Namaskar this Katha and chanting it. If the LP goes to anywhere, he will teach this Katha to people. After teaching, he would say " from now onwards my sons, you will be rich by this Katha, you farmers will gain more crops and big fruits, and no insects disturb you any more." Farmers who practice this Katha gain a lot of crops more than ever. Some kinds of fruits are bigger in size than ever, the banana is as big as adult hand, the melon is as big as a little jar. LP Parn brings those abnormal size of fruits to his temple and shows to people.

Merchants practice this Katha can sell his goods like hot cakes, making a lot of profit. But when counts the products stock, they still left much more than it should be even the products were sold a large amount. It means that the stock are added up more buy this Katha. Employees and civil servants practice this Katha, they will work happily, and the works are always admired by their master. Moreover the position is shifted to higher level meanwhile gaining more salary. So, it is the Katha for wealth and fortune. Whoever chants it until becoming a Smadhi, the big wealth and fortune will come to that one.

Mr.Prayong Tangtrongchit, an important layman disciple of LP Parn, was a poor herbal medicine shop owner, oneday he heard LP Parn teaching this Katha to a monk of Wat Saket. After the teaching session ended, Mr Prayong ask LP Parn that he would like to learn this Katha. "Good, my son , within two years from now onwards you will be a millionaire," said LP Parn.

Mr. Prayong practices this Katha daily in the morning, evening and before going to bed . After 6 month, he reports to LP Parn, "Luang Phor, my herbal medicine sell very good, I gained a lot of money, but so strange that the medicine are still remained in a big stock even I have sold so many and many. More than that The rice I bought in for consumption is used just half a quantity only, even my housewife prepared the rice at normal quantity as usual."

The effects go far beyond than that, Mr.Prayong said,"I can't compare to my grand mother who also practice this Katha. She always practices it until becoming a Smadhi. Oneday a hugh sum of money miraculously filled into an empty safe. Before the money runs into the safe, there is a strange voice saying, "stay quietly and don't move, the money is running into your safe."

"My grand mother told me that after a striking sound, she rush to open the safe. There !!, an empty safe filled fully with money. She said to me: Don't worry now, if the Luang Phor (Parn) need money to buy materials for construction, just tell me--I will donate. The more we donate, the more comfortable we are," said Mr.Prayong.

Mr.Prayong later became a very rich man, he was named the greatest philanthropist of Thailand. He donated as much as LP Parn needed for construction of many temples. " If Luang Phor need money please don't be hesitated to tell me, I will donate as much as you required," said Mr.Prayong to LP Parn.

Before LP Parn passed away, he also taught his many layman disciples. " Don't do evils but do good. Our life is not so long , we just come to this world in a short period and then go. The 5 precepts of the Buddha should be practiced, if one cannot practice all, I request for 2 of them -Don't stealing and Don't drinking(liquor). If you can practice this 2 precepts as well as the Phra PajjekkaBodhi Prod Satwa Katha, you will earn well and live with a happy life," said LP Parn.

Luang Phor Chaai of Wat PananChoeng (Sam Po Kong), Ayuthaya, a great Guru in the WWII period also used this Katha to bless his temple everyday to draw Buddhists come to his temple and donate money for renovation. He gained a great success at wish by the miracle of this Katha.

The Katha

Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa

Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa

Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa

Buddha Ma Aa U Na Mo Budh Dha Ya (1 time)

Wira Dhayo Wira Konayang Wira Hingsa Wira Dhasi Wira Dhasa Wira Ittiyo Buddhassa Manee Mama Buddhassa Swahom (3,5,7,or 9 times)

When you start practicing this Katha, you should start with 3 times for the core Katha(Wira Dhayo....). Until you chant fluently, you may chant more times. But it is a must to keep the times of chanting constantly in some long period before shifting to more additive step. Or you may keep 3 times forever. But as on Mr.Prayong's practice, he chanted 9 times. Daily chanting on this Katha will make your earning & living significantly better in some degree, the money from your work efforts is enough for expenses-- if the household money run low, the new money will come in time to support. But for the best result--you must chant this Katha until becoming Smadhi--and the big wealth & fortune will come to you. Please see also Tips number 4 below.


For best result on practicing this Katha:

1. Don't stealing.

2. Don't drinking liquor.

3. Present food to monk at least one daily. In some places it's inconvenient to do this, you can do an option by donate money (any sum you would like to) to a can. If the can fills with moderate sum of money, please bring it to donate to Buddhist temple for monks' food.

4. The main principle on practicing this Katha is--chant it until becoming a Smadhi (mind concentration). The higher Smadhi you reach, the more wealth and fortune will come. You can practice this Katha in every action, standing, walking, sitting, and working. When you want to repeat the Katha, just start with the main Katha: Wira Dhayo Wira Konayang.....

5. Before bringing out the money to use, touch that money and chant the Katha the same times as your usual practice. And in the night before parking your money into the drawer, chant this Katha the same times as your usual practice.

6. If anyone would like to learn this Katha, please teach him because this is the will of the great Guru.

7. If all these done, the practicer will get more and more wealth and fortune.